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Payless CCTV offers a range of CCTV surveillance camera selections for your home and business establishments in Perth. Whether you’re looking to keep a close eye on your possessions or capture intruders on video, we have the right solutions for you and we will also install them for you within the Western Australia suburbs.

Why choose an analog system?

    Prices are generally lower. Speak to us about a suitable analogue unit for you.

Why choose a digital system?

    Resolution is higher… An analog system has limitations on the image resolution. Speak to us regarding high quality digital vision systems.

How long does it take to install a CCTV system?

    A typical 4 surveillance camera system takes between 4 to 6 hours to install for a single story house or standard office. More time is required if your building is large, double story or in need of more cameras.

Benefits of CCTV Security Camera in Perth

    Remote monitoring capabilities allows real time observing your home or business
    Company surveillance cameras can help improve employee safety, shoplifting, thefts and false accident claims.
    May help lower insurance costs
    Prevent theft, vandalism and unwanted intruders in your area
    Peace of mind while away on a holiday
    Monitor your pets behavior whilst away from the premises

We know that security and safety is the greatest importance to home and business owners and we strive our hardest to satisfy what our customer’s needs and requirements are.

All our CCTV systems have a 12 months Manufacturer warranty.

Most of our customers are extremely happy with the packages we offer which also include installation.
If you have any specific or additional requirements, call us or email us and we will help you put together the right CCTV surveillance package for your house or office.

CCTV installation services are available for businesses and homes


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CCTV Pack – 4 camera CCTV package fully installed.

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