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Payless CCTV in Tasmania offers you professional service in CCTV installation, so that you can remain focused on running your business smoothly or keeping your home safe.

Whether you are a resident or a business looking to ensure the security of your clients, staff and resources, Payless CCTV has the ideal security solution to suit your needs.

In today’s day and age, security is constantly on our minds and we are always double checking that our home or business windows and doors are locked.
Now with all these security precautions we are still sometimes hit hard by crime and no matter what we try we never seem to beat the burglars. Would it not be nice to be able to see who causes the trouble on your premises? Be able to identify and track them down?
Well we have the solution for your home or business.

With the latest in infrared technology our systems can work in pitch darkness, bringing captured images up to daylight standard.

We install systems which allow flexibility in the future and has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

We have a large variety of CCTV systems, Indoor and Outdoor cameras and more! We’ve even bundled our more popular models up into packages so it’s straight forward to choose from.

We specialise in state of the art CCTV cameras that allows companies and individuals alike to monitor and track the activity within their location. Servicing all areas of Tasmania including Hobart, Launceston & Devonport.

Our professional installation team have been in the trade for years. We have selected them to work with superior systems because of their general quality and the reliability.

Can't afford to pay for a closed-circuit television security system? No need to worry... We can even arrange a Monthly payment plan for your needs.

CCTV installation services are available for businesses and homes


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You can pay for your new CCTV system in Monthly instalments... No Interest charges.
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CCTV Pack – 4 camera CCTV package fully installed.

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